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CD/DVD Media for Bonds Of Love Ministries

Shifting The Atmosphere

An Expected End

The Mission Is Possible

Financial Accountability

About The Father's Business

A Season Of Possibilities

Living In the Kingdom


Breaking Regional Strongholds

God is A Business Man

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No Life in the Grave

When Darkness Meets the Light

Prayer, Supplication and Intercession

Under Contract

It's Time To Blow The Trumpet

Blow The Trumpet Part 2

Deceived By A Drink

Choose The Right Door

Watch Out for The Snares

I Got A Gift

I Still Have A Gift

Rebellion Spirit

Overcoming The World

Overcoming The World Part 2

Spiritual Maturity

A Continual Work of Grace

A Continual Work Of Grace Part 2

It's Time To Move Forward

Ready To Move Forward

Doing The Work of The Ministry

Love "A Heart Thing"

A Bleeding Issue

The Strength of God's Grace

The Kingdom is Coming


A New Wine

The Anointing

God's Plan For Man

A Matter of Choice

I Need A Savior

Laying A Foundation

Watch Out, It's A Trap

Rekindling The Fire

Accessing Doors

Breaking The Spirit of Religion

True Worshippers


The Blessing of Being A Worship

Allowing God To Fill The Room

Strong and Very Courageous

Trusting In God

Harden Not Your Hearts

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