Love City is a church God has positioned to bring fresh revelation to truth that the curse of sin, sickness and poverty has been broken over the lives of the children of God. God is calling us to unify the body of Christ, by meeting the needs of the people and spreading the Word of God.

It is the desire and focus of this ministry to aid in making the church the economic force that God has ordained for it to be. The Word states that we are to be the head and not the tail, lenders and not borrowers. The time has come for the body of Christ to come together in all aspects of the Word in order to be victorious. We must work to bring back Christian values into our homes, communities, cities, and towns. We must now come forth as different parts of the same body, the unified body of Christ. No army can defeat an enemy if it is fighting among itself. 


First, it is the purpose of this ministry to take the gospel to those that might not otherwise feel comfortable in a church setting through our family outreach and "Taking It To The Streets" initiativeSecondly, the church must become innovative, become more seeker friendly and the teaching ministry must adapt to meet every need of life. Thirdly, the church must become active in doing the Lord's Business, which includes business and financial development that create alternative streams of income. Through this ministry of teaching, we seek to nurture people in the faith through line upon line, precept upon precept of the study of the Word of God.

​Apostle Lamorris Richardson

Apostle Richardson is the Founder and President Bonds of Love Ministries, Inc.,

Founded 1997.


Apostle Richardson has developed the

Global Network of Five Fold Ministry Leaders

to provide a covering for many leaders

as well as leadership training.

This ministry is for pastors, ministers, 

business owners and employees.

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